Living Soulfully through the different simple yet effectives practices is an ancient art. People in the ancient age were much more progressive in their mindset and approach, due to which there prevailed such prosperity and well-being.
In this age of modernization, the bell is again ringing to get back to the basics and reap the benefits of the soulful living in various ways – the cognitive, psychological, neurological and off-course biochemical.

The top 3 reasons to be living soulfully are:
The Cognitive Upliftment
In this Digital age, where everything is so fast paced and one must constantly lookout for the next big idea, it is worthwhile to remember that our inner selves. We must not forget where the best ideas come from- our own deeper conscience or the soul. Creativity and intuition are honed by Spirituality and Soulful living that help you reconnect with your soul. As long as an entrepreneur can connect to his/her true self, the service or the product, one is rendering will remain unique and sought after; which should be the soulful intent.

Self-acceptance and actualization
Self-acceptance and actualization can be brought in the life of an individual through yogic practices, which are unique in every individual. Confidence, Social skills, well-being, attention span improve with the practice. One needs to be a happy self-first, tension in the mind and body diminishes our core power, churns out our instincts and leave us void. Perception and intuition are enhanced through the holistic practices dispelling stress and tension.

Balancing the Physical and mental energy
The hectic startup life of an entrepreneur brings with it physical and emotional burnouts and off-course it is inevitable. To counter the heavy physical and mental demands that such a lifestyle imposes upon your being; the mechanics of soulful living serve as a boon. The grueling schedule and the brutal deadlines and the expectation of the stakeholders that one should live up to are crucial. It is not unnatural in such a scenario to generate stress, but it becomes toxic when stress chooses not to leave our system. Thus, learning to cleanse and bringing about an equilibrium of the mind and body is essential for an any individual who wants wants to progress in the path the path of life in a calm and balanced way.

Swayam, the individual self needs to put a genuine effort to silence the constant moving “monkey mind” in a human body. It may sound easy but to achieve it is a systematic approach. The practice not only silences the mind but alos provides an individual with a plain white canvas to fill the color of his/her own visualisation; an essential prerequisite to bring out our best authentic self.

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Dwipannita Sinha is a Hindu College Delhi University alumnus with a rich work experience in the corporate filed for more than 15 years. She has deep passion for holistic living and finding joy in simplicity. Through this Blog, she shares her knowledge and experiences for a better living – The Soulful Living.

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