My Experiences

I was diagnosed with endometriosis at a very young age. Painful periods and nausea had become my regular phenomenon. To find some temporary relief, I underwent several laparoscopic incisions during my early twenties. I got married in 2009, and my gynaecologist, who knew me for more than five years by that time, advised me to consult a fertility specialist as my ovarian conditions were not conducive for a natural pregnancy. I was desperate to have a child and start a family. Motherhood was something I was earnestly looking forward to. But I was informed that the only way for me to bear a child was through IUIs or IVFs. What followed was a nightmare; 6 IUIs and an IVF failed. I was shattered.

I was not ready for another round of IVF as my egg qualities were poor. Each month’s period was devastating, depressing and it was becoming hard for me to manage the fear, anxiety and shame that came along. Any sight of women smiling with babies on their lap would bring me to tears. I was exhausted– physically, mentally, emotionally, and of course, financially as IVF leaves a big dent in your pocket.

I gave up. I resigned to fate.

But I didn’t give up on myself !!

We decided to adopt a baby, and I was recovering well from my depression. I spent a lot of time with myself and brought back my entire focus on my wellbeing. I took complete charge of my health, cleaned up my diet, and remained committed to daily yoga practices -I prayed, chanted, visualized, and meditated. I did everything that made me regain my lost self.

I must admit I had excellent teachers who guided me during that phase; and offcourse the blessing of the GURU was paving the path. I became connected to myself at a much deeper level. I learned to live in the present. I understood the power of NOW! I was clear-minded and surrendered entirely and let the future unfold. I realized that bringing a life into this world takes much more than diagnosis and medication.

Days passed, and suddenly, one fine day, I realized I did not get my period for two months. And an ultrasound report revealed the miracle – I was pregnant for over two months. Within two years, my hands were full; with two boys. It was a life-altering experience. I thought through and realized that this happened because of the conscious and mindful efforts I had put to myself through. I listened to my body, and my body listened to me right! It was a beautiful dialogue that led to an understanding that calmed me down. It made me one with my higher self and balanced my body, mind, and soul. Somewhere, I knew I was a different person than what I used to be.

It was a new story that needed to be told.

With this understanding, I enrolled myself to be a Yoga teacher with a specialization in Women’s health and Yoga Nidra. I have always been inclined towards spirituality and wellbeing. I have had a Reiki Masters Certification and been practising s since the year 2000, and I am also a certified meditation guide.

I was confident that it is because of Soulful Living, or you can say the holistic lifestyle approach for which today I can share this story with you. I empathize with every woman who is on this path, fighting for health and wellbeing. Women who had dreams of staying fit and having a baby, but hormonal imbalances have played havoc in their lives. Women who feel incomplete because their uterus, ovaries, or breasts have been removed because of unfortunate ailments. Women who deserved love, care, and respect but now find themselves in the lap of shame, ridicule, mercy, and anger. This is sad. This is unfortunate, and in my opinion, no matter what, every woman in this world has the right to live life with dignity and peace. I am on a mission to share my knowledge to bring a ray of health, hope and happiness and with this vision, I founded THE SOULFUL LIVING in 2017. Since then, I have worked with women across the globe and have been instrumental in changing lives through simple and holistic ways that give meaning and a definite purpose to our living.

Three Cheers to Womanhood and Beyond!

Love Dwipannita Sinha

Voluntary Activities

  • Free sessions for women undergoing treatment for cancer. Through these sessions, I try to empower them with the mindset to heal and sustain the tough chemotherapy treatment. Most of my clients have been getting relief from their pain and suffering.
  • Offer free and fun-filled sessions to underprivileged children to help them relax their body and mind. I also teach them through visualization and storytelling.
  • Offered meditation sessions to employees of corporate houses, as part of a fundraising event for underprivileged blood cancer patients.
  • Ran a breathwork practice program for 6+ months, during the pandemic, to organize funds for oxygen cylinders for underprivileged patients. Individuals could participate in my classes upon donation to Ketto, a fundraising organization.