The Soulful Living is designed to heal and take care of the hoslistic wellbeing—physical, mental, and emotional. Our blog section, comprising relevant and comprehensive information, is intended for people who wish to take charge of their health and help them lead a healthy and soulful life.
We will be covering topics spanning all aspects of a woman’s life—from puberty, adulthood, pregnancy, to menopause, aging, and lifestyle diseases. Our blog section aims at educating women on how holistic living can help manage various health conditions. At ‘The Soulful Living’, we enlighten women on ways to nourish their body, mind, and soul to help strike a healthy lifestyle balance.

Yoga Nidra- A spiritual Bliss

My first experience of Yoga nidra was at the end of the first day of the yoga class. Lied in a mat, in Savasana; quite aware of the yoga teacher’s instructions, little did I know what Yoga nidra was all about. … Read More

How Yoga can boost your fertility

Work-life balance and stress have created havoc on our physical and mental state. Sedentary lifestyle, eating habits have contributed to rise of lifestyle diseases for women. These lifestyle diseases directly … Read More

5 simple ways for Physical-Emotional Alignment

Women are naturally emotional being and emotions drive hormones and vice-versa. Any changes in the emotional state and any stressor act upon the hormonal … Read More

The True qualities of our being

Nature or Prakriti has three primal qualities (Gunas) and the constitution (in various proportion) of these three Gunas form the basis of any being in this universe. . These subtle qualities have immense energy … Read More

Reasons for The Soulful Living – the blissful life

Living Soulfully through the different simple yet effectives practices is an ancient art. People in the ancient age were much more progressive … Read More

The power of light, sound, and intention

The combination of light and sound has a great impact on our being in this planet. Think about thunder, light comes first and then the sound strike. … Read More

Yoga Nidra : A restorative Practice

In the modern day world we can recognize that there is excessive dependence on technology and overdrive of the body , mind and sensory channels … Read More

Nadis – the divine flow

The word Nadi is derived from the sankrit word ” Nad” which means the flow or the movement; therefore nadi denotes the channel, the tube or the pathways through which the life energy … Read More