Women are naturally emotional being and emotions drive hormones and vice-versa. Any changes in the emotional state and any stressor act upon the hormonal balance of the female body. We generally investigate issue from the physical perspective and do want pay attention to the mental havoc which has leads to the manifestation of the issue. Hormonal changes more than affecting any other systems of the body, hits the reproductive system as it is a volatile area of emotions, stability, and security. The simple 5 ways of striking a mind-body balance.

  1. Stillness: When have you last consciously rested, not slept? Resonates with you…. Then sit in stillness without any movement. The mind will wander but still repeat to yourself I need to be still. Eventually, you will achieve stillness of the mind along with the stillness of the body. Thoughts will flow, but you will be acknowledging the flow rathe r than pondering on the thought.
  2. Movement: Generally, we do this mistake of jumping into high intensity workout or asana practice without any preparation. And soon, we give up on the fitness journey. The best way to prepare your body is with the right movement and aligning the mind to that movement.
  3. Breath: With your movement, when you coordinate your breath and notice how and when you are inhaling and exhaling, your focus increases. Interestingly your practice looks spontaneous. Your Physical effort comes to a balance with rhythmic breath you to make any movement stronger, focused and you gradually enter a mentally stable state.
  4. Meditate: With your bare feet standing on the grass. Just stand still 10 breaths count, eyes closed and notice how you feel at the sole of your feet. It won’t even take 2 mins but the effect will be much more than sitting in a conventional mediation posture where the mind is not with you. To bring the mind to a meditative state is a practice in itself; so don’t jump into mediating without preparation, you do more harm than good.
  5. Nutrition: To achieve mind-body alignment, nutrition is the key factor. Nutrition from sunlight, water, air, food, peers, and surroundings. You read it right, our company and surroundings feed our emotional state and are responsible for the mind-body balance. So be mindful of the nutrition from all aspects and not only food itself.

Physical and emotional wellbeing are dependent on each other. When you are physically unwell, you are emotionally down and that is evident to all. But when you are emotionally low, you need to take time to acknowledge and accept and then move on to strike a balance with your Physical self. With the above mentioned simple yet effective steps, I am sure you can initiate Physical-Emotional balancing practice.

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Dwipannita Sinha is a Hindu College Delhi University alumnus with a rich work experience in the corporate filed for more than 15 years. She has deep passion for holistic living and finding joy in simplicity. Through this Blog, she shares her knowledge and experiences for a better living – The Soulful Living.

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