Work-life balance and stress have created havoc on our physical and mental state. Sedentary lifestyle, eating habits have contributed to rise of lifestyle diseases for women. These lifestyle diseases directly hit the reproductive systems and childbearing become quite challenging. Women are often advised to reduce stress if they are trying to conceive but the question is how and that remains unanswered. There are quite a few measures we can take, and yoga is one of the most sought as it relieves stress and strives for overall wellbeing. But the question is: Does Yoga help fertility? The most reputed fertility clinics these days are offering fertility yoga sessions and they believe that it improves their chances of conceiving.

Primarily Fertility Yoga works on women in the following ways:

  1. Detoxification: There can be blockages in the energy path of your reproductive organs and when you perform yoga, blood flow to those organs increases. This leads to detoxifying the toxins and opening the blockages.
  2. Reducing Stress : Stress releases a hormone called cortisol and cortisol makes ovulation difficult thereby reducing the chances of conception. The aim of yoga is not to make one stretch but to strike a body-mind harmony. And calmness of the mind is of utmost necessity for couples trying to conceive.
  3. Hormonal balance : The endocrine system guided by the pituitary gland of the human body is responsible for the secretions of all the major hormones which need to be in sync if you want to are trying to conceive. There are systematic yoga practices which stimulates the glands to secrete different hormones such as thyroid, adrenaline and estrogen and progesterone and follicle stimulating hormone.

Fertility Yoga is not only about Physical practices but a holistic approach toward entire heath and wellbeing of the individual. It has systematic sequences of asanas, where the movement is meant to activate certain regions of the body and the respective endocrine glands, Pranayama (breathwork practices) to bring in calmness during the testing times and restorative Meditation to have clarity in thoughts and emotions. One has to look into the full picture of their being and not part by part if you want to heal from within and take the course of the fertility journey path.
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