Become a Pelvic Care Coach

1 out of 5 females have pelvic health issues: be it PCOS/PCOD/Endometriosis/Fibroids/ adenomyosis/infertility.
Do you feel your emotions have caused pain and miseries to your pelvic organs? Yes!! we hear you. We only see the problem superficially without trying to understand the deeper pain and emotions which aggravated the condition.
Almost all gynaecologists are recommending along with medication, yoga and lifestyle changes for better feminine health and wellbeing. Feminine wellbeing depends not only on the Physical, but mental and emotional wellbeing as well, which we generally ignore.

I am Dwipannita Sinha, after fighting Bilateral Ovarian Endometriosis and infertility for many years, I had been able to reverse the conditions and leading a life of health, hope and happiness. I have launched this Program – Women’s Pelvic Care : Yoga and Wellness in 2017 when I was convinced that it is only holistic living that can combat this battle for feminine wellbeing.
I am here to share the lifestyle changes where it is not only about yoga on the mat but also dealing with your own emotions, fear, anxieties, and pain. Our feminine organs are delicate yet strong, then why not learn to take care of them in a gentle yet powerful way.
I have learnt it and I am here to share the knowledge with you all.

Batch Starts on 1st November 2021 -3PM IST/11:30AM CET

I have been coaching since last three years. I have conducted more than 50 workshops. And this time, invite you to the Pelvic care for Women

In this workshop, you will learn:

  • Specific practices (both physical and mental) that impacts our pelvic organs.
  • Healing techniques specifically meant for women
  • Know the mind-body correlation and the effect on female heath.
  • Learn about the energy flow and cleansing techniques for our feminine organs.
  • What lifestyle changes are meant for a healthy pelvic.

By the end, you will know for yourself how to get most out of your life and manage your own feminine physical, emotional, and mental health.

Date: 1st November 2021 – 5th Nov 2021

Time: 3PM IST- 4:15PM IST/ 11:30AM CET (everyday Live via ZOOM)

If you are serious for your own feminine health and want to take complete charge of your physical, mental and emotional wellbeing, then you should never miss this workshop.

See You All soon in the Live Masterclass; Limited seats


Note: No refund will be provided for any cancellation in the middle of the program.

With Love and Regards,
Dwipannita Sinha
Your Holistic Lifestyle Coach

Glimpses of Workshops and Trainings Conducted

  • YOU- Your ovaries and Uterus – Yoga and meditation for women
  • Yoga Nidra for self-restoration: Train the Trainer
  • Yoga and Meditation for Cancer patients
  • Significance of Sound and Mantra Chanting
  • Visualisation and Art Therapy
  • The Self-Care – Awaken the Feminine energy
  • The Power of Gestures: Mudra
  • Understanding the special vortices : Chakra series