Hormonal Issues

Emotional Disbalance

Pelvic Conditions - PCOD/PCOS, Endometrosis, Fibroids, Infertility

Become A Pelivc Care Coach

Embrace and Share Health Hope and Happiness

What Will You Learn In This 2 Days Live Masterclass?

Specific practices (both physical and mental) that impacts our pelvic organs.

Healing techniques specifically meant for women

Know the mind-body correlation and the effect on female health.

Learn about the energy flow and cleansing techniques for our feminine organs.

What lifestyle changes are meant for a healthy pelvic.

Safer natural movement patterns

Topics for the 2 Days Masterclass

Symptoms For Pelvic Condition​

Meet Your Mentor

Hi I am Dwipannita Sinha, I am a holistic lifestyle coach with 7+ years of experience working closely on women's pelvic health.. I am a certified yoga and meditation teacher and also holds Reiki masters certification. I am an endometriosis and infertility warrior who reversed the conditions with holistic living and now a healthy mom of two boys. I am on a mission to coach women so that they become their own PELVIC CARE COACH and help themselves and others in the women fraternity.

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